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I took an interest in photography when a friend from down under introduced me to the wonderful world of digital photography. I was amazed at the fact that you could take a picture and you were able to see the results instantly. I bought a Canon Ixus 300 (not much bigger than a cigarette packet) and started to explore, I still have the camera to this day. I have bought several different cameras since then but today i still make use of a Canon – I just like them.

I am lucky to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty where there are endless opportunities to photograph.

I am very self taught, a lot of trial and error but that there is the beauty of digital, you are not spending lots of money purchasing rolls of film and you can take hundreds of photographs and if fortunate, end up with a few that have that wow factor. You can go back to the same location time and time again and end up with an image that can be sometimes better but can also be not just what you are looking for. The light conditions, shadows, weather, colour, sky and many more factors make or break the day, but somewhere along the way you decide where to point the camera, compose the shot and yes, you too can adjust certain things with the situation that you are provided with.

I love where I live and hopefully by going through my images you can understand why. I hope that you enjoy looking through the images as much as I love making them.

Please enjoy…


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