Friday 13th December 2019

Having to travel to Ballymoney I decided to make use of the day, not only paying a visit to my dentist but also to head over to the coast and grab a few shots.

My journey up from Newcastle was a mixture of rain, cloud, more rain and the odd sprinkling of sunshine – not looking to promising.

As I was heading over to the coast from Ballymoney I could see that something good was happening – blue sky with a few rays of sunshine were starting to develop, maybe my luck was in.

I stopped off first at Dunce castle and found a quick viewpoint to try to capture the castle.

Then on towards the White Rocks stopping off at a nearby carpark and stepped out and took a few shots.

Then back into the car bearing in mind that I had to be back in Ballymoney to keep my 2 O’Clock appointment.

Down on to the sands at the Whiterocks and fortune shone brightly for me – nice bit of blue sky, cotton like clouds, dark angry looking rain clouds and a nice bit of surf.

It worked out pretty well and if you visit my site under the “Coastline” Gallery you can for yourself.

It made my visit to the dentist even more worthwhile.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did being there for the first time – a truly remarkable bit of coastline in our own wee part of the world…